For this project of 484 apartments set in a tower block of 44 floors we fitted the kitchens and wardrobes. Based next to Canary Wharf, these luxury flats had full concierge services, gym, spa and roof bar. We completed in 2016.

Ballymore Properties

Let us know how we can help you with your home and office projects.
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    Corporate recruiters (R) gesture and shake hands as they talk with job seekers at a Hire Our Heroes job fair targeting unemployed military veterans and sponsored by the Cable Show, a cable television industry trade show in Washington, June 11, 2013.

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    The NSA declined to comment on Obama’s proposals. It is notclear if Congress will take up the initiatives. A number ofinfluential lawmakers have vigorously defended the spyingprograms as critical tools needed to detect terrorist threats.

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    JPMorgan Chase & Co has set up a working group tomonitor the potential consequences of a federal governmentshutdown or debt default on the company’s customers, whichinclude state and local governments, as well as businesses,according to a person familiar with the matter who declined tobe identified or provide additional details.

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    The declines were broad, with nine of the 10 S&P 500 sectorsmoving lower. The utilities index was the worstperformer, shedding 1.7 percent, while the materials and energyindexes fell more than 1 percent apiece.

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    Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse advised Hexaware foundersand General Atlantic on the deal. ($1 = 64.0100 Indian rupees) (Writing by Sumeet Chatterjee; editing by Stephen Coates andKeiron Henderson)

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    The IMF praised Mr Holland’s Socialist government for pushing through reforms that have cut the “tax wedge” on labour, and introduced “flexicurity” that allows firms in trouble some scope to renegotiate wages and working hours.

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    A Google project headed by Vic Gundotra and Bradley Horowitz, Google is designed to be the social extension of Google. Its features focus on making online sharing easy for users.“Circles,” think social circles, akin to Facebook’s lists.“Sandbar,” a user-unifying toolbar.“Sparks,” a search engine for sharing content between users.“Messenger,” a group messaging app that allows users to share with certain “Circles.”“Hangouts,” group video chatting designed to allow up to 10 users video chat at once.Each Google user can replace his…

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    Miley Cyrus complains about the paparazzi, and yet with each passing day, she’s spotted out and about flaunting her body in outfits that just scream “look at me!” From short shorts to see-through tops…

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    In addition to the $100,000 death benefit, each of the families is in line to receive a $400,000 life insurance payment. Those payments typically take up 30 days to process, said to Ami Neiberger-Miller, of Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, a support group.

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    Across all brands around the world, the average price of a smartphone has plunged to $375 from $450 since the beginning of 2012, the research firm IDC estimates. With mobile phone networks cutting subsidies on handsets in the depressed economies of southern Europe, cheaper models by companies including LG and Sony are proving popular.

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    An anticipated revolt by moderate House Republicans fizzled earlier on Monday after House Speaker John Boehner made personal appeals to many of them to back him on a key procedural vote, said Republican Representative Peter King of New York.

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    Some of her supporters might switch their votes to the FDP to push them above the threshold of 5%, so that they qualify for seats in the Bundestag. But that can be a risky strategy, potentially weakening the CDU vote.

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    “Obviously, they’ve got all of this money and all of these organizations and everything else, but we’ve got over 2 million members. We’re in every district,” Beck said. “And they’ve got a tough road to hoe. They’ve got to change representatives’ minds. We’re more in a situation of needing to hold people. It’s always better to try to hold people to a position.”

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    Security was tight for the visit: Elite police units patrolled an five helicopters circled over an area that only recently was pacified and was so violent in the past that locals called its main street, “The Gaza Strip.” Locals expressed gratitude for the visit.

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    The Brotherhood is facing a security crackdown since the military deposed President Mohammed Morsi, a member of the group, in July. The interim government accuses the group of inciting violence and seeking to undermine Egypt’s national security, and has rounded up hundreds of its leadership on such charges. Morsi himself is detained and facing trial on charges of inciting deadly violence against his opponents while in office.

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    On Sunday, protesters turned out in Sydney to condemn the plan, described by Amnesty International as “the day Australia decided to turn its back on the world's most vulnerable people”.

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    Owen Gutfreund, an associate professor at New York’s HunterCollege who specializes in transportation policy, said theprojected length of the outage illustrates the weakness of theUnited States’ electrical grid, rather than problems in theMetropolitan Transportation Authority, the largesttransportation network in North America.

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    “It also feels in some weird way like I failed, even though I know that that’s plight of addicts, so what can you do? But it’s just really hard and really upsetting. I feel like we did everything that we could and I know that Lea feels she did everything that she could.”

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    The fund, run by Bill Gross, ranks as the world’s largest bond fund with $251 billion in assets. The fund has seen its assets shrink by 14 percent over the past four months, or roughly $41 billion, as a result of withdrawals and price losses.

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    And online universities – so-called massive online open courses (Moocs) – have grown around the idea that such expertise should be made available to a much larger audience than the students who can squeeze into a lecture hall.

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    A separate survey also released on Monday shed new light on the youngest generation of millionaires. The Fidelity Millionaire Outlook shows that rich Gen X and Gen Yers are earning more money and amassing more assets than baby boomer millionaires. Salaries average $677,000 for those 48 and younger compared to $198,000 for those older, and total average assets are $5.7 versus $5.2 million.

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    “I find it difficult to envision any significant number ofour developmental initiatives that won’t be affected,” McHughtold reporters at the annual Association of the U.S. Armyconference. “And some we’ll have to cancel.”

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    One small example of the kind of problems Serge found: Goldman’s trading on the NASDAQ exchange. Goldman owned the lone (unmarked) building directly across the street from NASDAQ in Carteret, New Jersey. The building housed Goldman’s dark pool. When Serge arrived, 40,000 messages per second were flying back and forth between computers inside the two buildings. Proximity, he assumed, must offer Goldman Sachs some advantage—after all, why else buy the only building anywhere near the exchange? But when he looked into it he found that, to cross the street from Goldman to NASDAQ, a signal took five milliseconds, or nearly as much time as it took a signal to travel on the fastest network from Chicago to New York. “The theoretical limit [of sending a signal] from Chicago to New York is something like seven milliseconds,” says Serge. “Everything more than that is the friction caused by man.” The friction could be caused by physical distance—say, if the signal moving across the street in Carteret, New Jersey, traveled in something less direct than a straight line. It could be caused by computer hardware. (The top high-frequency-trading firms chuck out their old gear and buy new stuff every few months.) But it could also be caused by slow, clunky software—and that was Goldman’s problem. Their high-frequency-trading platform was designed, in typical Goldman style, as a centralized hub-and-spoke system. Every signal sent was required to pass through the mother ship in Manhattan before it went back out into the marketplace. “But the latency [the five milliseconds] wasn’t mainly due to the physical distance,” says Serge. “It was because the traffic was going through layers and layers of corporate switching equipment.”

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    On Thursday, Online TV service Aereo Inc logged another court victory, with a federal judge refusing to temporarily shut down the IAC-backed start-up in a lawsuit brought by a Boston station owned by Hearst Television Inc.

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    Saudi Arabia rejected a coveted two-year term on the council on Friday in a rare display of anger over what it called “double standards” at the United Nations. Its stance won praise from its Gulf Arab allies and Egypt.

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    In 2011, Saudi authorities arrested a high-flying vulture on suspicion that it was flying missions for Israel's famously ingenious Mossad agency. And a spate of shark attacks near the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh in 2010 was blamed by one TV station on GPS-controlled predators planted by Israel in order to harm the Egyptian tourism industry.

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    Business trusts are popular with companies because theyallow them to raise cash without relinquishing control. In abusiness trust model, the trust sells units to investors, butcontrol of the business is left with the trustee manager, who isusually an affiliate of the company establishing the trust.

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    Despite the losses at Blacks and Millet, JD, which has 538 stores across the UK, said the business is “well positioned” to hit City expectations for the full-year thanks to the performance of the sports stores.

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    “We’re looking to show the authority that when it comes to safety, Local 100 is unified, organized and able to face whatever challenges arise,” J.P. Patafio, a Local 100 vice president, said Wednesday.

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    SIFMA in its letter asked the SEC to review of the regulation of brokers, exchanges and self-regulators within the U.S. equity market structure, saying the review should focus on the structure of exchanges as self-regulatory organizations, or SROs. Eliminating the SRO status could also centralize regulatory processes, given that many exchanges already agree to delegate their regulatory functions to FINRA.

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